Rabu, 28 Januari 2009

where my story happened.

There was a world named Linea - that was because it was a form of a line.
It had three parts, Dextra, Media, and Sinistra.

Dextra was as warm as a bunny-hole, but it had no sunshine at all.
A perfect area for vampires, monsters, werewolves, and their friends, since there was no harmful light for them, so the vampire-prince lived here.

Media was likely our earth. Sun shone during the day and moon came during the night.
Media was the only place for normal creatures and humans, but because of its strategic place (in the middle of Linea) sometimes the abnormals passed by. Before being abnormal, the prince and the princess used to live here.

Sinistra was still cold, even it had sunshine most of the time.
Ices didn't melt in Sinistra and you hardly found any living creatures here because of the extreme temperature. The sugar-glazed-princess lived here because the temperature kept her from melting.

That's why in the end the prince and the princess couldn't be together.
They lived in completely different parts.
If the prince came to the princess, he would die because of the sunshine.
If the princess came to the prince, she would melt because of the warm temperature.

Oh, how love hurts like an evil curse....
( ahaha~ since when I had this villain-like behavior ? ^^a )

Senin, 26 Januari 2009

him (again)

I had a dream about him last night. Again, after 6 months ago.

He was about to get married with a long-faced-girl as well with her long-straightened-hair.
I knew this when I logged in to my Friendster account, I saw this in his profile, some prewedding photos. (in fact he doesn't have any Friendster account)

Did I cry? Not a single tear. Why? I was so happy there were Susan, Vianney, and Hyb-hyb beside me, kept making me smile with giving each of the photos crazy comments. (yes, you can imagine what kinda comments they will be... ahyahyahya...)

Owh I love you all, dear... even in my dreams, you still sit by my side and make me smile...
lotta thankyou for Susan, Vianney, and Hyb-hyb... *mwah*


yea... every single day in my holiday... I open www.onemanga.com to read Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle... The story is just so unpredictable and I love it so. This manga is related to another manga, XXXholic.
I don't read XXXholic but I have Susan there to tell me about it.. ^o^
XXXholic is heavier in its story and it's a bit mystic - horror, so I don't want to read it myself.
I ever read it, the second book, but I just couldn't keep on reading it.... *too scary* I ran to Susan's room and asked her to tell me what happened next.
This is one of XXXholic pictures... *blink*

the prince's reason

Actually the prince left for a war - to protect the princess' kingdom from kinda bad guys.

Unfortunately the bad guys were too strong to be defeated, even the prince had put all of his hope and his effort... there he was, lying on the battle field, wounded so badly with the rest of his armies.

"Are you willing to die?"
"No. I still have to meet my fiancee. She's waiting. So please help me...", the prince begged the unknown man who came and stood nearby.
"I shall give you this for your heavily wounded body. Too broken to be mended," at one glance, he bit the prince.

"NOO! What am I going to say to her? It can't be like this way!"
"Yes, it can be. It have been this way," the unknown man soon left.

"What will she do if she know that her fiancee has become an immortal - a vampire ?"
Then in his frustration, he went from the battle field, ran away from her fiancee while seeking a way to be a human, once again.

Minggu, 25 Januari 2009


Long, long ago there was a princess who was waiting for her fiancee.
Year by year, season by season, she sat still yet there was no news about her lover.
Marriage that had been postponed for long was finally canceled.
This struck the king and the queens so badly that they soon passed away.
The princess felt so guilty and chose to leave the kingdom, to seek for the beloved one as well.

The princess had passed through almost all the obstacles a young lady could pass, but still there were not any about the lover.
She reached nearly the end of the world, a condemned kingdom with all covered by extremely thick snow.
She felt that she could not go on then she fell, lost her consciousness.
Her body was as cold as snow. It was very hard to breath like it was in the end of her life.

There came a crowd of small, shiny people. They gathered around the dying princess and made some murmurs.
"Who is she? What do we have to do with this? She's dying! She's dying! What should we do?"
Getting a good idea, one of them told the others to bring the princess with them.
They soon glazed the princess' body with melted sugar-hot caramel. They believed it that sweet could preserve things, so they did so for anticipating the body from being rotten.
Then they let the body lying down on a broken pinata together with candies and all the sweet things surrounding it.

The pair of eyes opened, looking around. "Is this my fate?", she said gently to one of the people.
"Yes, it is," the fairy-like-one flew around catching a mirror with her and gave it to the princess.
To her surprise, she watched her shadow carefully.
The same face. The same hair. Yet a more porcelaine-look and glazier skin.
"You'll be the one we serve, our queen. The one whose life made out of sweet things."
"I'll do my best, then," the princess arose and smiled.

Long after, while the queen was taking a walk near the boundaries, a man came nearby.
Someone who had been very close to the queen, but the queen did not seem interfered a bit.
"I come for you, my only princess", then he knelt down and kissed the queen's hand. "Please come back with me. I bring you this ring for my proposal. I'm really sorry I have to make you wait for a long time, but I do have my reason."
The queen smiled, "I'm sorry, I can't. I don't really know you. Go and find your own happiness, because I have," she headed back to the castle, leaving the man. "If you had let me know your reason earlier, things wouldn't have ended up like this, dear..", she said to herself.

There the queen back to her throne, sat gracefully. "This is my happiness, isn't it?"

uuuwh. I'm glad I'm able to type this. This is inspired by Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.
I think the princess' name should be Chikorita... because I can't find another better name. hihi..
Actually, I want to add the details, like what the small people look like and why the prince left the princess... haha... since it gonna be very long, I cut it out and leave them into a curiosity to whoever read this.
anybody who wants to know the details, just give me some comment... ^^

Rabu, 21 Januari 2009


finally.... I'm home now....
I wanna thank hyb-hyb, HTF, and oneng for all the good times we've had before I left for Semarang this afternoon...

love u soo guys, mmuach...
(see u soon for extra-pain in fourth semester.. bbbanzzaiii...T-T)

happy holiday, dear...

Sabtu, 17 Januari 2009


Last night I have a nightmare... uh... not really a nightmare... a weird dream... let me tell you.

I, Susan, and Vianney (call us HTF - happy.three.friends) suddenly went to a bridal shop named Drappio. I didn't know why since it wasn't told obviously - the first probability, we really were going to be married or the second, we just wanted to play inside, like we usually did. I guessed the first, that's why I called this a nightmare as this was just against our point of view..

Susan wanted a bit sexy dress, I wanted lacy and bowy dress, and Vianney, I knew she did want a gothic dress, but she realized that this dress would be used for a holy matrimony, so she decided to look for a simple dress.

The front section was full of bridesmaid's dresses. For me, they had been as beautiful as the wedding dresses, so we were almost being misled to pick something from there, unless a store-assistant told us that we were in the wrong place. We walked inside and found many rooms, each with different themes and different collection of dresses. They were so beautiful. Japanese room with lots of graceful kimonos, Mediteranian room with lots of Mediteran dresses..
We were confused and because we were kinda decidophobia (except Vianney), we decided to walk farther and found a hall with lots of costumes. I was stunned at a Sleeping Beauty costume while Susan tried a Minnie Mouse costume... Vianney just said to herself how silly Susan was. nyahahahaa~

Then I woke up, looked at my cellphone. 1 message received. Surya-KG.
content: All, good job! We did it! n God'll do the rest. Thx 4 God, yg membuat kita bs kompak dlm menghadapi semua. God be with us. Shout out God fame. Nb: rpj nanti smt 4. Hepi holiday.
huhuhu.... Bos Ton.... I still wanted to know what my dream would be (though it was kinda weird and silly....)